Muskoka Woodie Cruise

Join the 2021 Muskoka Woodie Cruise in support of the South Muskoka Memorial Hospital.

When a medical emergency happens when you’re at the cottage, South Muskoka Memorial Hospital is your first stop to getting help.

South Muskoka hospital’s Emergency Department (ED) sees a significant uptick in the summer months with more than one-quarter of total annual visits to the ED occurring in July and August alone. In addition to relatively minor injuries, the hospital also treats patients with serious and complex medical conditions, some of which may require emergency surgery. Approximately six out of ten patients who come through the ED require some form of diagnostic imaging or additional testing, such as bloodwork, all of which is provided onsite at SMMH.

South Muskoka Hospital Foundation relies on the generosity of donors to purchase new equipment. It’s a common misconception that all hospital needs are covered by your tax dollars. South Muskoka Hospital Foundation encourages our community to invest in the highest standard of health care.
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