Support SMHF – why support SMHF

Why support SMHF? It’s because of them. Because we can. Because we want to make a difference.

Supporting your hospital is an investment in people, in your community and in your future. It’s a way to really make a difference in a lot of lives.

Taxpayers’ money goes a long way in the hospital environment. More and more, however, communities are recognizing that they want to ensure that their local hospital can keep up with ever-changing technology and thus ensure their hospital is viable and their community is flourishing.

Simply stated, having up-to-date medical equipment contributes greatly to the long-term sustainability of the hospital, which in turn, significantly affects the well being of the community.

We’ve listed a number of reasons below why everyone should consider supporting their community hospital. However, our patients and other community members are the ones who can voice the very best reasons. Please visit “Your Stories” and find out why you should consider supporting the Foundation.

Listen to some of the reasons why others support the hospital on our video.

Consider supporting the South Muskoka Memorial Hospital Site by giving today. Please visit the Donate Now and Ways of Giving pages for more information.

Reasons to support your hospital:

  • Most importantly, up-to-date medical equipment and technology saves lives.
  • Modern medical equipment assists greatly with the attraction and retention of qualified medical practitioners to South Muskoka. For example, today, physicians consider CT technology an essential tool. A hospital without a CT or other modern medical equipment has a much more difficult time attracting medical practitioners to their area.
  • Viability of the hospital’s emergency department services. Providing the proper tools for healthcare practitioners to do their jobs ensures the viability of the South Muskoka Memorial Hospital Site as an emergency and acute care centre
  • Modern technology greatly enhances patient care and treatment. The level of detail and accuracy of modern medical equipment provides state-of-the-art information to better facilitate subsequent treatment
  • Decreased wait times. The local availability of equipment such as a CT scanner significantly decreases wait times for Muskoka residents and visitors.
  • Patient comfort and convenience. The need to transport patients to other areas is dramatically reduced when we can provide the diagnostics and treatment here in South Muskoka.
  • Serves our unique population demographic and benefits all. Muskoka’s aging population is better served through modern technology. Furthermore, the benefits of up-to-date equipment apply not only to the 30,000 year-round residents, but also the 75,000 seasonal residents and 600,000 visitors.
  • Improves the community overall. Muskoka is a more attractive place to live to families, retirees and businesses when the community is supported by a hospital with up-to-date technology.

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