It can happen to anyone


“It can happen to anyone and it’s at those times when you truly appreciate your community hospital.”

One sunny Saturday in March, Don Wilton went snowmobiling with friends. Initially a cottager and then a full-time Muskoka resident since 2004, he’d been snowmobiling since he was six.

Unpredictable conditions around a corner on Lake Rosseau meant Don found himself flying through the air, landing on his right hip. But he got back on his sled and rode back to the marina. “I could walk, so I figured I’d just have some pretty ugly bruises.”

After driving home to Windermere, he laid down on the couch – until the pain hit and he discovered he couldn’t get up. He called the ambulance and they carefully loaded him on to a stretcher. At emergency, he was x-rayed within an hour of arrival. “They could tell that I’d cracked my pelvis and told me I had to stay overnight. The staff were amazing, they explained everything to me. I found them to be very professional.”

It was a good thing hospital staff wouldn’t let him use crutches until after the CT scan the next morning.

“The doctor was very down-to-earth and showed me my scan on her laptop. She went through all the details, about how it was cracked.” He learned that his hip was broken in such a way that it was susceptible to slippage and if jarred, could have pushed the hip apart. To be safe, he was kept another night in hospital and is now recovering at home, with follow-ups at the fracture clinic in Orillia.

“I’m so grateful for the treatment at the hospital. The staff were professional, kept me well-informed and made me feel comfortable and reassured over the three days of my stay. I even liked the food, which surprised me.”