Chase the Ace

Thank you to everyone who participated in Chase the Ace Muskoka 2018

The ace of spades has been found! Congratulations to Marleen Neal who took home a grand total of $37,060!



How Did it Work?

  • Watch the video HERE!
  • Each week participants buy lottery tickets to be entered in the weekly draw at 3 for $10.
  • Funds from ticket sales of each week are divided into three parts: 50% to charity, 20% to the winner of the weekly lottery draw, and 30% goes into the jackpot.
  • Every Tuesday at 8pm a name is drawn. They win 20% of ticket sales from that week! Their selected envelope is opened and if the Ace of Spades is revealed, they also win the accumulated JACKPOT!  If it is not the Ace of Spades they still take home the weekly 20% prize and the game continues into the next week.
  • Each week the lottery accumulates and your odds of selecting the correct envelope go up as cards are eliminated weekly!
  • The weekly draw is held at the Bracebridge Rotary Centre for Youth, 131 Wellington Street Bracebridge

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