About Us – The South Muskoka Hospital Foundation

Welcome from Mark Gidley, Chair, South Muskoka Hospital Foundation Board

Welcome to the South Muskoka Hospital Foundation website.

We depend on South Muskoka Memorial Hospital (SMMH) throughout our lifetime. I met both my children for the first time in this hospital. My parents spent their last days in the same facility. Family and friends, neighbours and visitors – we’ve all had cause to visit SMMH. Whether it’s an accident at the cottage or home, on the lake or the highway, the hospital has always been there when we’ve needed it the most.

We need SMMH to be the very best and have the finest of equipment. Having high standards means we can give our community top-notch health care.

During my time as foundation chair, I will always be looking for ways to keep our standards high and, where the opportunity arises, make further improvements. To accomplish this, we must continually drive our objectives forward – the demands are constant and we can’t let our community down.

It is the responsibility of the whole community to support the hospital in every way it can. I’m proud of how our community rallies behind whenever we ask. Please remember to think of us even in the times when we don’t ask, because we always need your help.

I look forward to working with the directors, the staff and the community to make SMMH the best it can possibly be.

History The South Muskoka Memorial Hospital Foundation was established in 1980 to support the compassionate care of patients at the South Muskoka Memorial Hospital Site.  At the heart of South Muskoka Hospital Foundation is our commitment to three central priorities:

  • Improving our physical campus to provide the best possible patient care environment;
  • Developing and furthering our core programs and services;
  • Preparing for unexpected and urgent circumstances by bolstering our unrestricted funds.

It is only through a strong partnership with caring, committed donors that the hospital can continue to offer outstanding medicine to every patient who walks through its doors. Together South Muskoka Hospital Foundation is building a healthier community through philanthropy.

  • To provide charitable support to South Muskoka Memorial Hospital Site for capital projects, equipment and new technology as well as staff education to enhance patient care.
  • To support the improvement of healthcare in South Muskoka for permanent and seasonal residents.