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Tilson Family – A Mother’s Story

The Tilson Family Gravenhurst

I’m Johanna Tilson and this testimonial is on behalf of with my husband Kerry and my two daughters, Julia and Rachel. I’m here to tell you about how important it is to have the CT scanner here at South Muskoka Hospital, close to home. I’ll never forget November 24th, 2006. My daughter Julia called me […]

Rachel Tilson – A Big Heart for A Little Girl

When Rachel was eight-years old, she made a speech about what happened when her sister got sick. Five years, later, Rachel’s words still resound – after all, she just wanted to help other kids, just like her sister. When my sister Julia got sick and was in the hospital, I went to my Aunt Silvia’s […]

Mark Sherk – Active cottage family needs cottage hospital

Over the years that we’ve been cottaging in Muskoka, we’ve had to use the services of the Bracebridge Hospital on a number of occasions. My wife, Carrie, sliced her hand while washing dishes, I fell while trimming trees and my daughter, Brianne punctured her foot jumping on the trampoline. We’re an active family and we […]

Brian Finch – Cottage Crisis

Brian Finch, Lake Muskoka Cottager  It started out as yet another fun August weekend at the cottage on Lake Muskoka with my family. My wife Georgina, my three children and I enjoy Muskoka and all it has to offer. This weekend, however, turned out very differently. I started to feel an excruciating pain in my […]

Ron Doty – Our community needs a good Hospital

Ron Doty, Associate Dealer, Canadian Tire, Bracebridge As a businessperson, I recognize that in order to attract businesses to the area, we need a good hospital. I believe all our businesses need to contribute to the community by supporting our local hospital and keeping South Muskoka a healthy, fun place for our residents, seasonal residents […]

Guy Gagnon – Putting something back into our Community

Guy Gagnon, Owner/Operator, Your Independent Grocer, Bracebridge Having a strong hospital is very important for families in South Muskoka. It is also important for the strength of our community overall. We need to make sure our community can attract business, working people and baby boomers. People base their relocations and businesses around a strong infrastructure, […]

Muskoka Transport employees – Muskoka’s staff supports their Hospital

Muskoka Transport employee committee, Bracebridge Something special has been happening over at Muskoka Transport – and it’s been going on since 1999. The funny thing is that these employees don’t think that what they are doing is anything out of the ordinary. Instead, they say that any other group of determined employees in Muskoka can […]

Terry Stevenson – Pulling together and making things happen.

  Terry Stevenson, Owner, Stevenson Plumbing and Electric, Gravenhurst   I support the hospital because we live in this area and our family needs a good hospital. I feel that I have to stand up and say that this is very important. As a businessperson, the people in this area give me a livelihood and […]

Terry Stansbury-Rice – Observations from an Insider

Clinical Resource Nurse for Acute Care at the South Muskoka Memorial Hospital Site, Bracebridge. Every day I see what a tremendous difference having a CT scanner on site makes for our patients and staff. This is a technology that saves lives. CT technology can often immediately provide a definitive diagnosis. There are situations such as […]

Beverley Hammond – A Daughter’s Story

Fran & Bev Hammond My mother’s story started and finished at South Muskoka Memorial Hospital before the CT scanner was in place. After admission to emergency, the doctor made the quick decision to send my mother away for the diagnostics and emergency treatment – a decision that saved her life. After stabilizing my mother following […]

Eleanor Kerfoot – How do we get all the best nurses?

My husband Harry & I cottaged here in South Muskoka for many years before we made Muskoka our permanent home. Harry had a number of significant health issues over the last few years. There were many evenings when we came by ambulance to the hospital. The doctors and the staff always treated us with the […]

Jodi Remouche (Eidsness)

It is with great sadness that we relay the news that Jodi passed away on March 27, 2008. Jodi once gave a speech about her experiences. This is a summary of that speech. We hope that by sharing her story once again, people will learn about Jodi and understand more deeply how precious health and […]

MOOSE-koka Style Radiothon reveals community spirit

MOOSE FM staffers John Wright and Jenny Hodge dress up as medical personnel while Wendy Gray interviews nine-year-old Annalise Smart of Bracebridge. She told listeners, “The nurses at the hospital made me feel safe.” The MOOSE was “on the loose,” on the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend, broadcasting live from the hospital in the morning and […]

Small town hospital heats up radio waves

                Ayden Veitch tells Moose FM’s Mike Fry and listeners about his experience in emergency at the hospital. Muskoka’s beloved character “Peaches” greets liquor store patrons and lightened their spirits (in addition to their wallets) as she requested contributions for the Radiothon. The Friday of Thanksgiving weekend was […]

South Muskoka celebrates early completion of The Picture of Health campaign

South Muskoka supported their hospital in spades, said South Muskoka Hospital Foundation (SMHF) representatives at a reception celebrating the early completion and success of the campaign on Thursday, January 8. “Due to the hard work of the campaign cabinet and the generosity of our donors,” explained campaign co-chair Paul Hammond, “we completed a four-year campaign […]

SMHF In the News

Letter to editor by David Heaslip, Bracebridge Examiner, November 12, 2008. Print letter to editor  or view directly below.

Special Fundraising Events

Greg & Colleen Knapp of Knapp’s Gravenhurst Furniture donated $2,034.00 to the South Muskoka Hospital Foundation as part of their 60th Anniversary celebrations.  The hospital is “very dear” to the Knapps, who were both born here, as was their son Jeff, and have frequented the hospital on numerous occasions.  The Knapps also appreciate the care […]